Sunday, January 27, 2013

Doa Dua Executive Talk


 In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Kind

In this blessed day, in conjunction with the Executive Talk , we pray for you.

O God, strengthen our hearts, manifest feelings of brotherhood, love, possessing bury into our soul, being patient, diligent in the discharge entrusted and simplified all our dealings.

O Allah, I beg  thee of all good things which pertains to this day and days here after and seek .  Thy protection from all evil which pertains to this day and days hereafter.

O Allah! You are Peace, and All Peace is from You; and all Peace returns to You. O Master of Power and Glory. Inconjuction with the Executive Talk,  Guide us among those whom You guide. Grant us health and pardon among those whom You grant health and pardon.

O Allah have mercy on me to be able to leave disobeying you till I am alive. Show mercy on me by not imposing a troublesome and difficult task on me. Make me do good deeds that please you. Make me learn your book by heart, just like you have taught me. Give me the ability to recite it in a manner that pleases you. 

O Allah enlighten my wisdom, open the doors of understanding and liberate my heart. Loosen my tongue, let my body be active and give me strength for it. No one can help me save you. There is no god except you.

O my Lord! Open for me my chest And ease my task for me. And loose the knot  from my tongue. That they understand my speech.

My Lord! Increase me in Knowledge.  O Allah ! Grant me the understanding of Deen .

O Allah ! I ask You for beneficial Knowledge, pure provision and acceptable deeds. O Allah ! benefit me through what You taught me and teach me what is beneficial for me and increase me in knowledge.

O Allah show us the Truth as Truth, and render us help to follow that; and show us falsehood as falsehood, and help us to avoid that.
O Allah! Make light in my heart, light in my sight and light in my hearing, light to my right and light to my left, light above me and light below me, light before me and light behind me, let there be light for me, light in my tongue, light in my muscles, light in my flesh, light in my blood, light in my hair, light in my body, light in my soul and intensify the light for me. O Allah! Bestow me with light.
O Allah, make this a gathering on this auspicious gathering and after this our separation is a separation of the blessed.

Edited by Hj Sam